ISEM Best Young Researcher Award 2017.

1st prize – R.S. Beltran
An agent-based bioenergetics model for predicting impacts of environmental change on a top marine predator, the Weddell sea.
Ecological Modelling, 351 (2017), 36-50.

2nd prize – B. Wang
An individual-based model of forest volatile organic compound emissions-UVAFME-VOC v1.0.
Ecological Modelling, 350 (2017), 69-78.

3rd prize – G.P. Neverova
Dynamics of populations with delayed density dependent birth rate regulation.
Ecological Modelling, 340 (2016), 64-73.

3rd prize – M.P. Pais
Fish behaviour effects on the accuracy and precision of underwater visual census surveys. A virtual ecologist approach using an individual-based model.
Ecological Modelling 346 (2017) 58-69

Honorable mention – K.A. Anyomi
Windthrow modelling in old-growth and multi-layered boreal forests effective conservation management of natural protected areas.
Ecological Modelling 327 (2016) 105-114.

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