M.S or PhD Fellowship Opportunity – Physical Oceanography/Coastal Engineering – UMES/MEES/

M.S or PhD Fellowship Opportunity – Physical Oceanography/Coastal Engineering – University of Maryland MEES/University of Maryland Eastern Shore
We invite applications from motivated students interested in pursuing a M.S or Ph.D. study in estuarine and coastal oceanography in either numerical modeling and/or field observations. Applicants should have a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in oceanography, atmosphere, computer sciences, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, applied mathematics, physics, or a similar field. The prospective students must be admitted to the University of Maryland Marine-Estuarine-Environmental Sciences (MEES) graduate program (https://www.mees.umd.edu) and will conduct research/study at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore under the direction of Dr. Meng Xia (https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Meng_Xia6 https://scholar.google.com/citations?us … AAAJ&hl=en). Recent Ph.D. graduates from Dr. Xia’s lab have published several first-author papers in prestigious journals (e.g., Progress in Oceanography, Limnology and Oceanography, Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, Ocean Modelling) and have received excellent job offers in academia and industry.
Potential research topics include:
(1) Estuarine hydrodynamics modeling. The student will use numerical models to investigate estuarine dynamics to determine, for example, the particle transport in coastal plain estuaries, the change in hydrodynamics for different estuarine geometries, and/or the interaction between waves, wind, and surge during a storm.
(2) Estuarine observations. The student will use observations of currents, water levels, waves, salinity, and temperature to investigate estuarine dynamics during storms.
The M.S. or Ph.D. positions are expected to start in Spring or Fall of 2023 and include stipend, tuition, medical insurance, and travel to domestic and international conferences. If you are interested in the positions, please send a brief description of your research interests and current CV to Dr. Meng Xia (mxia@umes.edu). The deadline for applications to the MEES graduate program for a Spring 2023 start date is August 30, 2023. UMES is an EEO/AA employer.
Individuals with disabilities, veterans, women and minorities are encouraged to apply.